Melvin 2008


Melvin and I met in February of 2005 and I knew that he was the man for me.  He was pretty sick at the start with respiratory malfunctions, but we saw lots of doctors and specialists and finally he seemed better.  For the next year Melvin went everywhere with me, mostly because I didn’t want to leave him alone, and he liked hanging out with me!  Melvie never needed a leash, I would talk to him and he totally understood what I needed him to do. 


He would sit under my desk at work. He was so quiet no one ever knew he was there!  Then in January of 2006 we brought Nana home.  She goes by Bella now.  Melvie had a sister, but she was always a little bossy (still is), but they got along ok.  So, for the next year and a half it was the three of us and we had a great time together.  We have so many wonderful memories. 


Mel was the best dog, he welcomed every stray dog I took in, made them feel good.  He was easy going and quiet.  I actually had to teach him to Arwooooo!  He would never sing, but I would sit on the couch and ask him if he wanted a treat, before long he was singing for his supper!  We would sing together and laugh!


He was a great travel companion, too.  One year Mel and I drove home to Philadelphia for the Christmas holiday.  It took 2 days to get there and 2 days back and we stayed for 5 days.  I found out then that Melvie did not like the cold weather! 


Mel did have one serious problem though, well, maybe two problems!  He LOVED trash in trash buckets and socks!!  Can’t tell you how many times we had to go to the vet because Mel had a sock in his belly – I still can’t figure out where he found them!  I had lost count as to how many times I found his butt sticking out from the big black trash bucket in the yard – just hanging out in there trying to find something good to eat after he somehow managed to tip the bucket over!  We had quite a time of it!!


Mel had 2 favorite toys – he ate all of the others!  He loved his tennis ball and his hedgehog, who we called hedgy.  He would take either one of these on our walks.  I chose this photo of him because the ball and hedgy are nearby.  I keep both on my nightstand with Mel’s pictures.


It’s these memories that I’m left with because on July 15th I sat with my baby boy while the doctor administered the drug that sent him to the Rainbow Bridge.  It was the blackest day of my life.  I am so sad without him, but I don’t regret the decision.  It was what Melvie deserved.  His quality of life had diminished over the past couple of months.  The upper respiratory problems that he had in the beginning had gotten much worse, the medication was no longer working and our vet told me that it was the most humane thing I could do for him.   


Melvin was so special to me.  He was my soul mate.  I know I’ll never have the emotional connection with another dog – He was My Baby Boy.